To our clients, prospective clients and friends
Opening this company with my brother has been a dream come true. During this past years we have worked hard to make a name for ourselfs. The vision to prosper and achieve the dream of my father has remained extremely strong all this years.

I am fully grateful for the blessing that God has put in our lives and I hope to continue to serve throughout Florida and Puerto Rico for many years more.  Thank you to all my clients for their sponsorship and support during all these years.

Thank you,

Daniel Díaz Concepción

My father tells me this all the time I talk to him. 

"Don't let the client  be your inspector, be  your own inspector , and give the customer what he paid to receive"

Florida Best Electric is owned by Daniel and David Diaz. We are two brothers following our father's dream of being a major electrical company. We feel blessed for the clients that we have worked for and continue to work for today!
Our Philosophy:
The company belongs to the clients!